For my midterm, I created a "build your own potion" game where you play as a kid in their backyard creating a potion! (throwing a bunch of leaves, berries, and other objects into a flower pot filled with water). There wasn't any reason in particular that I chose this topic, but I thought it'd be a cute memory that fit well with the scope of the project, as well as allow for alot of fun models - so I took the idea and ran.

How to play:


A/D=turn left/right

left click/right clight=pick up/drop an object

up arrow/down arrow=look up/down

I think the part I struggled with the most was scope/github. I encountered an issue in the last week where I accidentally reset my progress rather than uploaded what I had done- as a result I lost a large chunk of my models/scripts. If I were to do the project again I'd definitely try and be more diligent with making small consistent commits so if I do run into an issue like that there'll be less damage. Furthermore, I'd want to prioritize a bit better- there were alot of times in the process where I'd think of a cute trick I wanted to add in or some sort of complex model but didn't have enough of the core game done to rationalize doing so. As a result I often got off track adding alot of small details rather than focusing on the big picture. In a future project I think I'd want to create a checklist at the start to help me better prioritize, I did this near the end to make sure I covered everything but I think doing so earlier would've saved me alot of time. Inversely the part I enjoyed the most was surprisingly modeling- I didn't have alot of time to make anything extremely detailed, but it was alot of fun trying to figure out how to go about making the more odd shapes and whatnot.

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