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I think your clone of the game feels a whole lot better than the original! It runs super smoothly and the collisions feels good.  I think the game could benefit from some sound cues, and Arjun brings up a good point with the Day/Night transition, otherwise, great clone!

Hi Stephanie! Great Job with the feel, the max speed and turn speed feel very nice, and close to the original. I do think that your acceleration is slower than the original, but I do not think that this is a bad thing. The projectiles do feel a bit slow, and I think having some sort of effect happen when you kill the enemies would benefit the overall clarity of the game. Additionally, I feel as though making a transition to Night patrol, like in the original, would be useful in knowing when I complete a level.

Hi Stephanie, I love the art here, it feels really close to the original. The way the projectile moves is also nice and makes me wanna be spammy with it, except you have to wait until the original one disappears to spawn a new one. I think at one point I actually managed to do something where the previous projectile just didn’t respawn, so I couldn’t shoot anymore. I also like the bike movement other than the fact that it takes a hot sec to really get going or slow down, but once you’re there it feels super nice. Good job!